I just want to say a massive thank you, not only for getting me through the weekend (Ironman Bolton 2019) but for the last 2 years. Not only have you been an immense PT who has pushed me to the right level, who has listened to my concerns about things and who has adjusted the training plan's at the right time, but you've been a great mate and I really appreciate that! - Kris W

Can't recommend this guy enough..... Go to www.simonsaysfitness.co.uk to sign up. Simon is a First Class Personal Trainer - Creates Personalised routines depending on what you are trying to achieve - Always varied, always focused and always making sure it's a "Full Hour" 🙂 No Chit Chat allowed....Covers Bath, Marshfield , Colerne , Chippenham Plus surrounding area - Roger T

"I have really enjoyed my circuit training with Simon. I have been looking for a good work out on a regular basis and have been lucky to find Simons circuit training in Marshfield. I always feel great after my sessions, I am challenged throughout the session (which Simon does really well!) and have noticed how much stronger and fitter I am. I always look forward to my exercise with Simons fitness and I can highly recommend working with Simon." - Pauline P

Just wanted to say thank you for giving me a desire and determination to be as fit as I can be. You have and are an inspiration, you have motivated me to completely change my life style and have a focus that without your encouragement would never have happened.

Nick S

"Simon is great. He manages the perfect balance between praise and encouragement to try a bit harder. He seems to know when to push you and when to back off. I can now run faster and have dimples in my stomach muscles!" - Karen C

"I have been attending Simon Says Fitness sessions regularly for 10 months now, the improvement in my core strength and flexibility has meant a dramatic reduction in niggling back pains which have bothered me for over 20 years.

Simon's motivational skill and careful selection of exercises make each session interesting, fun and very hard work - highly recommended." - Nic G

"I went along to one of Simon's classes with a friend, having never enjoyed these sorts of classes before. I was hooked straight away, and now I have been attending weekly with my two teenagers and one of two of their friends, for 6 months! Simon seems to be able to offer something different week on week, to keep up our motivation. He is enthusiastic, fun, nurturing and challenging, pushing us according to our own abilities and making it something we look forward to as a family. We always come out feeling brighter than when we arrived!" Yvonne B

"Simon is an enthusiastic and fun trainer.  He takes pride in his own fitness and encouraging others with theirs. I find his classes are well planned and great fun. The groups are welcoming and friendly, made up with those 'new to' fitness and the more experienced." - Clare M

"Simon's classes always do the trick and I always leave feeling well exercised and fitter than before. I am now addicted to going every week and sometimes more often.
Simon pushes and encourages you to keep going but only as far as he feels you can go.
Good fun too. We never know what training we will be doing as he changes each session which keeps it interesting." - Caroline C

"I really enjoy Simon's classes. No two are ever the same and he really encourages us all to push ourselves. It's exhausting but I feel fitter and healthier as a result." - Denise C

"Simon has got my 70 yr old body moving again and I feel 20 yrs younger!!! Use it or lose it." - Wendy H

"After a severe hip impingement and labral tear, I found myself post-surgery desperate to get back to my beloved hockey, but months of pain and worry had made me timid and physically unbalanced. Simon gave me the confidence to start building my fitness up, because above all I felt he took the time to understand my unique situation and the destination I wanted to end up at - back to hockey despite hip problems. His professional and considered approach that focussed on wellness and strength was exactly what I was looking for, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the advice and ongoing reassurance I was given by Simon, it’s given me the confidence I truly needed to push myself on the pitch once again."

Beth M

Fitness is your health insurance

Make fitness a priority and include it in your daily routine.

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